Henry George Club

The Henry George Club works towards a fairer taxation system based on taxing land

Vote Now For A Fairer Tax System!

The Rudd Government has reviewed the tax system.

The Henry Review came out strongly in favour of capturing economic rents for the common good.

The Rudd Government has written off any serious reforms to issues relevant to housing affordability.

Why tax people $285bn for daring to work but capture just $40bn of the publicly created ground rents?

Now is the time to send a clear message to the Rudd Labor Government that the balance needs to change.

We need to build the pressure on the Rudd Government – please sign our petition!

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Political Economy has been called the dismal science, and as currently taught, is hopeless and despairing. But this, as we have seen, is solely because she has been degraded and shackled; her truths dislocated; her harmonies ignored; the word she would utter gagged in her mouth, and her protest against wrong turned into indorsement of injustice. Freed, as I have tried to free her-in her own proper symmetry, Political Economy is radiant with hope.

Henry George, Progress and Poverty.